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Camarillo-Chávez, Luis David;Lavariega Nolasco, Mario César;Briones-Salas, Miguel
Record and track description of a Baird's tapir juvenile in the north of Oaxaca
Tapir Conservation
Journal Article
The presence of Baird’s tapir Tapirus bairdii in the Sierra Madre de Oaxaca in Southern Mexico has been previously reported by Lira et al. (2006), using track records and information obtained through interviews. Seven years later, its presence was confirmed with pictures (Lavariega et al., 2013), bone remains, and tracks (Peña et al., in press). Subsequently, after three surveys with camera traps in the Sierra de Villa Alta (17°29’23''N 96°7’45.6''W; 1499 masl), additional pictures of adult animals have been obtained (personal observation, Mario C. Lavariega; Figure 1)