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Coulson, Jennifer O. 2018 Yellow-headed Caracara and Black Vulture Cleaning Baird's Tapir PDF Format  
da Silva, Marina Xavier 2018 Effectiveness of Protected Areas for biodiversity conservation: Mammal occupancy patterns in the Iguaçu National Park, Brazil PDF Format  
Dario, Fabio Rossano 2018 Traditional knowledge of the wild mammals and their ecological interactions by community indigenous Apiaká, Southern Brazilian Amazon Rainforest PDF Format  
de la Torre, J. Antonio 2018 Assessing occupancy and habitat connectivity for Baird’s tapir to establish conservation priorities in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas, Mexico PDF Format  
de Souza, Júlio César 2018 Habitat use, ranching, and human-wildlife conflict within a fragmented landscape in the Pantanal, Brazil PDF Format  
Delgado-Martínez, Carlos M. 2018 An ignored role of sartenejas to mitigate water shortage hazards for tropical forest vertebrates PDF Format  
Espinosa, Santiago 2018 When roads appear jaguars decline: Increased access to an Amazonian wilderness area reduces potential for jaguar conservation PDF Format  
Lavariega, Mario César 2018 An open-access platform for camera-trapping data PDF Format  
Ling, Lo Shea 2018 A preliminary camera traps assessment of terrestrial vertebrates at different elevation gradients in Gunung Stong State Park, Kelantan, Malaysia PDF Format  
Marlius, Erik 2018 Activity Pattern of Malayan Tapirs (Tapirus Indicus Desmarest 1819) In Supayang Kalaweit Forest, Solok Regency, West Sumatra Province PDF Format  
McCann, Gregory Edward 2018 Malayan Tapir Tapirus indicus in Hadabuan Hills, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia PDF Format  
Miñaca, Guevara 2018 Evaluación de la criopreservación de semen fresco para la conservación de germoplasma de tapir amazónico (Tapirus terrestris) PDF Format  
Moreira, Danielle O. 2018 Determining the numbers of a landscape architect species (Tapirus terrestris), using footprints PDF Format  
Orta-Martínez, Martí 2018 First evidences of Amazonian wildlife feeding on petroleum-contaminated soils: A new exposure route to petrogenic compounds? PDF Format  
Pires, Mathias M. 2018 Pleistocene megafaunal extinctions and the functional loss of long-distance seed-dispersal services PDF Format  
Raczka, Marco F. 2018 The collapse of megafaunal populations in southeastern Brazil PDF Format  
Tan, Win Sim 2018 Observations of occurrence and daily activity patterns of ungulates in the Endau Rompin Landscape, peninsular Malaysia PDF Format  
Tobler, Mathias W. 2018 Do responsibly managed logging concessions adequately protect jaguars and other large and medium-sized mammals? Two case studies from Guatemala and Peru PDF Format  
Tucker, Marlee A. 2018 Moving in the Anthropocene: Global reductions in terrestrial mammalian movements PDF Format  
Terborgh, John 2018 Foraging impacts of Asian megafauna on tropical rain forest structure and biodiversity PDF Format  
Brown, Janine L. 2018 Comparative ovarian function and reproductive monitoring of endangered mammals PDF Format  
de Frefiftas, Marco A 2017 Roadkill records of Lowland Tapir Tapirus terrestris (Mammalia: Perissodactyla: Tapiridae) between kilometers 06 and 76 of highway BR-163, state of Pará, Brazil PDF Format  
Da Silveira, Alexandre Welzel 2017 Natural Infection of the South American Tapir (Tapirus terrestris) by Theileria equi PDF Format  
Day, Jennifer Mae-White 2017 Exploring Drivers of Gene Flow in Jaguars and Pumas in Southern Mexico via Molecular Scatology and Eco-Evo Simulations PDF Format  
de Luca, Juliana Ranzani 2017 Use of early and late successional forest patches by the endangered Lowland tapir Tapirus terrestris (Perissodactyla: Tapiridae) PDF Format  
Espinosa, Santiago 2017 Hunters' landscape accessibility and daily activity of ungulates in Yasuní Biosphere Reserve, Ecuador PDF Format  
Ferreguetti, Átilla C. 2017 Density, occupancy, and detectability of lowland tapirs, Tapirus terrestris, in Vale Natural Reserve, southeastern Brazil PDF Format  
Fontana, C. 2017 Sperm motility of Brazilian-tapir (Tapirus terrestris) pre and post-thawing PDF Format  
Galetti, Mauro 2017 Reversing defaunation by trophic rewilding in empty forests PDF Format  
Gondim, Maria Fernanda Naegeli 2017 Occurrence of Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in lowland tapirs maintained ex situ in Brazil and Paraguay PDF Format  
González, Tania Marisol 2017 Movement behavior of a tropical mammal: The case of Tapirus terrestris PDF Format  
Granados Pérez, Araceli 2017 Presencia de Tapir (Tapirus bairdii, Gill) en el Ejido La Lucha Dos, Othón Pompeyo Blanco, Quintana Roo PDF Format  
Kowalczyk, Karolina 2017 Arterial Patterns of the Face in Perissodactyla PDF Format  
MacLaren, Jamie A. 2017 Interspecific variation in the tetradactyl manus of modern tapirs (Perissodactyla: Tapirus) exposed using geometric morphometrics PDF Format  
Moyano, S. Rocio 2017 Comparative cranial ontogeny of Tapirus (Mammalia: Perissodactyla: Tapiridae) PDF Format  
Muangkram, Yuttamol 2017 Genetic diversity of the captive Asian tapir population in Thailand, based on mitochondrial control region sequence data and the comparison of its nucleotide structure with Brazilian tapir PDF Format  
Pandolfi, Luca 2017 A mandible of Tapirus arvernensis from Central Italy PDF Format  
Pelizzon, Cristiane 2017 Sex identification of the extant mega mammal, the lowland tapir, Tapirus terrestris (Tapiridae, Mammalia), by means of molecular markers: new outlook for non-invasive samples PDF Format  
Pereira, Saulo Gonçalves 2017 Aspectos histológicos dos músculos da região da escápula e do braço de anta-Tapirus terrestris--Perisodactyla, Tapiridae PDF Format  
Pereira, Saulo Gonçalves 2017 Anatomia óssea e muscular do antebraço e mão de Tapirus terrestris (Perissodactyla, Tapiridae) PDF Format  
Peters, M. 2017 Neospora caninum abortion in a Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus) PDF Format  
Sagastume-Espinoza, Kevin O. 2017 First photographic evidence of the iconic big mammals of Honduras, Baird’s Tapir (Tapirus bairdii) and Jaguar (Panthera onca), in La Muralla Wildlife Refuge PDF Format  
Schank, C. J. 2017 Using a novel model approach to assess the distribution and conservation status of the endangered Baird’s tapir PDF Format  
Vercammen, Francis 2017 Encephalomyocarditis virus in a captive Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus) PDF Format  
Wang, Yuan 2017 The Early Pleistocene Gigantopithecus-Sinomastodon fauna from Juyuan karst cave in Boyue Mountain, Guangxi, South China PDF Format  
Zavala-Páramo, Alfonso Sinuhé 2017 Genetic variability in captive individuals of the endangered species Tapirus bairdii in Mexico PDF Format  
Oliveira, Nathália Sampaio Silva 2016 Ocupação por anta (Tapirus terrestris, Linnaeus 1758) em uma área de transição Cerrado e Mata Atlântica no sudeste do Brasil Belo PDF Format  
Adyla, M. N. Nurul 2016 Diversity and activity pattern of wildlife inhabiting catchment of Hulu Terengganu Hydroelectric Dam, Terengganu, Peninsular Malaysia PDF Format  
Arroyo-Arce, Stephanny 2016 Relative abundance and activity patterns of terrestrial mammalian species, in Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica PDF Format  
Azevedo, Fernando Cesar Cascelli 2016 Puma (Puma concolor) predation on tapir (Tapirus terrestris) PDF Format