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Foerster, Charles 2002 Baird's Tapir Project Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica
Sternberg, S. 2002 Survez of tuberculin testing in Swedish zoos
Carme, B. 2002 Severe acquired toxoplasmosis in immunocompetent adult patients in French Guiana
Tobler, M. W. 2002 Habitat use and diet of Baird's tapirs (Tapirus bairdii) in a montane cloud forest of the Cordillera de Talamanca, Costa Rica
Holden, J. 2002 From the field: Indonesia
Apaza, L. M. V. 2002 Estudio comparativo de la caya y uso de mamíferos en dos comunidades Tsimane'
Holst, Bengt 2002 Report from the EAZA Tapir & Hippo TAG
Tong, H. W. 2002 On fossil remains of Early Pleistocene tapir (Perissodactyla, Mammalia) from Fanchang, Anhui
Townsend, W. R. 2002 El riesgo de la cacería durante las operaciones forestales: impacto sobre la fauna silvestre en una concesión forestal en Santa Cruz
Kawanishi, Kae 2002 Malayan Tapirs (Tapirus indicus): far from extinction in a Malaysian Rainforest
Wallace, R. B. 2002 Lowland tapir activity patterns and capture frequencies in lowland moist tropical forest PDF Format  
Wallace, R. B. 2002 Tapir and hunting in the Tacama Indigenous Territory PDF Format  
Matola, Sharon 2002 News from the field: Belize
Matola, Sharon 2002 News from the field: Belize
Willers, B. 2002 Book Review: Pleistocene diversity as a biological "baseline"
Czaplewski, Nicholas J. 2002 A pleistocene tapir and associated ammals from the southwestern ozark highland
Medici, Patricia 2002 Conservation biology of lowland tapirs (Tapirus terrestris) and their potential as landscape detectives in the Pontal do Paranapanema, São Paulo State, Brazil
Demmer, J. 2002 Do levels of income explain differences in game abundance? An empirical test in two Honduran villages
Medici, Patricia 2002 The Influence of Large Herbivores on Neotropical Forests
Mejia, Jaime A. Suarez 2002 Conflict between Mountain Tapirs (Tapirus bairdii) and farmers in the Colombian Central Andes
Foerster, C. R. 2002 Home range, habitat use, and activity of Baird's tapir in Costa Rica
Froehlich, D. J. 2002 Quo vadis eohippus? The systematics and taxonomy of the early Eocene equids (Perissodactyla)
Seitz, Stefan 2002 International Tapir Survey in several European and North American Zoos
Seitz, Stefan 2002 New longevity record in Tapirs
Seitz, Stefan 2002 New, modernised Tapir House in Wuppertal Zoo, Germany
Grayson, D. K. 2002 Clovis hunting and large mammal extinction: A critical review of the evidence
Hernandez-Divers, S. M. 2002 Veterinarians involved in non-traditional roles for conservation: The first international tapir symposium
Kawanishi, Kae 2002 Population status of tigers (Panthera tigris) in a primary rainforest of peninsular Malaysia
Henfrey, T. B. 2002 Ethnoecology, Resource Use, Conservation And Development In A Wapishana Community In the South Rupununi, Guyana
Torres, Denis Alexander 2002 News from Captivity: Venezuela
Townsend, Josiah 2002 Field notes from Eastern Honduras: Tapirs (Tapirus bairdii) in the Rio Patuca region
Townsend, Josiah 2002 Honduras Notes on Baird's Tapir (Tapirus bairdii) from the Southern Region of Biosfera Tawahka-Asangni, Honduras
Traeholt, Carl 2002 Notes from the field: Malaysia
Holbrook, L. T. 2002 The unusual development of the sagittal crest in the Brazilian tapir (Tapirus terrestris)
Il'ichev, V. D. 2002 Acoustic analysis of signals in mammals
Karpinski, L. G. 2002 Fluorouracil as a treatment for corneal papilloma in a Malayan tapir
Kawanishi, K. 2002 Population status of tigers (Panthera tigris) in a primary rainforest of peninsular Malaysia
Topham, K. 2002 Teaching your tapir to sit, stay, and roll over for blood collection
Lizcano, D. J. 2002 Geographic distribution and population size of the mountain tapir (Tapirus pinchaque) in Colombia
Maffei, L. 2002 Uso de trampas-cámara para la evaluacón de mamíferos en el ecotono Chaco-Chiquitanía
Mendoza, M. 2002 Characterizing complex craniodental patterns related to feeding behaviour in ungulates: a multivariate approach
Montenegro, O. L. 2002 Evaluacion del estado actual de la danta o tapir de paramo (Tapirus pinchaque) en la region Andina Oriental, con base en una recopilacion y verificacion de registros de campo y una aproximacion preliminar al estado de su habitat en la region
Naranjo, E. J. 2002 Population ecology and conservation of ungulates in the Lacandon Forest, Mexico
Naranjo, E. J. 2002 Population ecology and conservation of Baird's Tapir in the Lacandon Forest, Mexico PDF Format  
Naughton-Treves, L. 2002 Wild animals in the garden: Conserving wildlife in amazonian agroecosystems
Newcomerr, Q. 2002 Path of the Tapir: integrating biological corridors, ecosystem management, and socioeconomic development in Costa Rica
Aldan, E. C. 2003 Identification of Ecto and Endoparasites in Baird's Tapir (Tapirus bairdii), in Chiapas, Mexico
Pavlik, I. 2003 Mycobacterium tuberculosis in animal and human populations in six Central European countries during 1990-1999
Barongi, Rick 2003 AZA Tapir TAG Report
Polisar, J. 2003 Jaguars, pumas, their prey base, and cattle ranching: ecological interpretations of a management problem