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Reyes, Héctor Orlando Portillo;Elvir, Fausto;Martínez, Marcio
Distribución, ecología y estado actual del tapir (Tapirus bairdii) en Honduras
Revista Mexicana De Mastozoología
Journal Article
Potential distribution for tapir in Honduras was modeled using the MaxEnt program. Suitable areas were identified for tapir, correlated and based on records of the presence of the species and 19 climatic variables. The results predicted a potential distribution area in Honduras of 19 751 km2 representing 17.55% of Honduran territory; showing an auc of 0.993 and values from 0.32 to 1 in the potential distribution of the tapir. The tapir territory is represented in the Carib-bean by cloud forest and a few high lands in the central east of Honduras and the Moskitia re-gion. The habitat of the tapir is fragmented and isolated, dominated by agricultural landscapes. The tapir is threatened by hunting pressure and habitat loss due to deforestation. If conservation efforts are not improved, this specie will disappear from its distribution range in Honduras.