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Pereira, Saulo Gonçalves;Santos, André Luíz Quagliatto;Borges, Daniela Cristina Silva;Souza, Rogério Rodrigues de;Quaioz, Priscilla Rosa
Bone and muscular anatomy of the scapular cingulum and arm in Tapirus terrestris (Perissodactyla: Tapiridae)
Ciência Animal Brasileira
Journal Article
Tapirus terrestris(Linneaus, 1758)is a mammal found in South America and in almost all Brazilian biomes. The aim of this study was to describe the anatomy of bone and muscle of the scapular cingulum and arm of Tapirus terrestris and compare it with other species of mammals, especially equines. We used four animals donated to the Laboratory of Education and Research of Wild Animals of the Federal University of Uberlândia, after their death with no trauma. The bones were carefully analyzed, described and the muscles were dissected, analyzed and described in accordance with the usual techniques of gross anatomy. The skeleton of the scapular cingulum and arm of Tapirus terrestrisis formed by scapula and humerus bones, the lateral muscles of the scapula are subclavian m., deltoid m. supraspinatus m. and infraspinatus, teres minor m., subscapularis m., teres major m., coracobrachialis m., shoulder joint m., biceps brachii m., brachial m. triceps, forearm tensor fasciae m., anconeus m. The muscular and bone standard found is similar to the horse (Equus caballus) T. terrestris has bone and muscle characteristics of a suitable animal to displacement and eventual swimming with obvious bone accidents and developed muscles .