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Pereira, Saulo Gonçalves;Borges, Daniela Cristina Silva;Santos, André Luiz Quagliatto
Aspectos histológicos dos músculos da região da escápula e do braço de anta-Tapirus terrestris--Perisodactyla, Tapiridae
Revista Acadêmica: Ciência Animal
Journal Article
The aim was to describe the histological aspects of the scapular girdle and arm of Tapirus terrestris. The study was performed with four animals donated to the Laboratory for Education and Research on Wild Animals of the Federal University of Uberlândia, after death without trauma Tapirus terrestris - Linnaeus 1758 - is a mammal found in South America, and in almost all biomes, but with tiny literary information about macro and microscopic morphology. Thus, it justifies the choice of this species for the study, based on their macro and micro morphological features, which, notably, are fundamental to the biological knowledge of the species. Usual procedures for histology and staining were performed with hematoxylin and eosin - HE; Orcein Reticulin and Masson 's trichrome. Histologically, the muscles follow the same pattern of other mammals, the histological pattern subsidize the relationship between body structure: denser and stronger muscle fiber support for displacement over long distances and for the eventual swimming. This kind of research contributes with relevant data about this species is still poorly studied.