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Da Silveira, Alexandre Welzel;De Oliveira, Gustavo Gomes;Menezes Santos, Leandro;da Silva Azuaga, Lucas Bezerra;Macedo Coutinho, Claudia Regina;Echeverria, Jessica Teles;Antunes, Tamires Ramborger;do Nascimento Ramos, Carlos Alberto;Izabel de Souza, Alda
Natural Infection of the South American Tapir (Tapirus terrestris) by Theileria equi
Journal of Wildlife Diseases
Journal Article
Abstract Theileria equi is a tick-borne piroplasm considered endemic in equines in Brazil. The cohabitation of domestic and wild animals in areas of extensive cattle breeding favors the close contact between different species and the sharing of vectors and, consequently, pathogens. We report the natural infection of a young South American tapir (Tapirus terrestris) by T. equi in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Although it was not possible to associate the clinical and hematologic status of the animal with the infection by the protozoan parasite, our report represents an alert on the sharing of pathogens between domestic and wild animals.