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Darwish, W. S.;Kawai, Y.;Ikenaka, Y.;Yamamoto, H.;Muroya, T.;Ishizuka, M.
Identification and Phylogenetic Analysis of Novel Cytochrome P450 1A Genes from Ungulate Species
Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
Journal Article
CYP1A;sequence;ungulates;aryl-hydrocarbon receptor;expression;sequences;update;liver
As part of an ongoing effort to understand the biological response of wild and domestic ungulates to different environmental pollutants such as dioxin-like compounds, cDNAs encoding for CYP1A1 and CYP1A2 were cloned and characterized. Four novel CYP1A cDNA fragments from the livers of four wild ungulates (elephant, hippopotamus, tapir and deer) were identified. Three fragments from hippopotamus, tapir and deer were classified as CYP1A2, and the other fragment from elephant was designated as CYP1A1/2. The deduced amino acid sequences of these fragment CYP1As showed identities ranging from 76 to 97% with other animal CYP1As. The phylogenetic analysis of these fragments showed that both elephant and hippopotamus CYP1As made separate branches, while tapir and deer CYP1As were located beside that of horse and cattle respectively in the phylogenetic tree. Analysis of dN/dS ratio among the identified CYP1As indicated that odd toed ungulate CYP1A2s were exposed to different selection pressure.
Times Cited: 0 Darwish, Wageh Sobhy Kawai, Yusuke Ikenaka, Yoshinori Yamamoto, Hideaki Muroya, Tarou Ishizuka, Mayumi