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Furtado, M. M.;Jacomo, A. T. D.;Kashivakura, C. K.;Torres, N. M.;Marvulo, M. F. V.;Ragozo, A. M. A.;de Souza, S. L. P.;Neto, J. S. F.;Vasconcellos, S. A.;Morais, Z. M.;Cortez, A.;Richtzenhain, L. J.;Silva, J. C. R.;Silveira, L.
Serologic survey for selected infectious diseases in free-ranging brazilian tapirs (Tapirus terrestris) in the Cerrado of Central Brazil
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine
Journal Article
Brazilian tapir;free-ranging tapir;infectious diseases;Tapirus;terrestris;Toxoplasma gondii;wild mammal;antibodies
From September 2000 to January 2002, a serologic survey was conducted in a population of free-ranging Brazilian tapirs (Tapirus terrestris) inhabiting Emas National Park and surrounding areas in Goias state. central Brazil, as part of an ecologic study. Ten tapirs were immobilized with a tiletamine-zolazepam combination. and blood samples were collected. All sera were negative for Leptospira spp.. Brucella abortus, and equine infectious anemia; and one of 10 animals was positive for Toxoplasma goudii. This report represents the first serologic survey for selected infectious diseases in a free-ranging population or Brazilians tapirs in central Brazil.