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O'Farill, G.;Calmé, S.;Gonzales, A.
Manilkara zapota: A new record of a species dispersed by tapirs
Tapir Conservation
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Baird's tapir is the largest terrestrial Neotropical mammal in Central and South America. Tapirs are strict herbivores and they have been described as important seed dispersers and predators. However, it remains unclear to what extent the Baird?s tapir can be consistently classified as a seed predator or disperser for a given tree species. Manilkara zapota (zapote) seeds were previously reported to be predated by tapirs because the seeds were thought to be too weak to withstand the tapir?s molar mill. Here, we describe recent observations from the Greater Calakmul Region (Mexico) that show intact seeds and seedlings of zapote in tapir dung. The implications of these observations for zapote recruitment and distribution are the focus of ongoing research.