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Eisenmann, V.
Folivores et tondeurs d'herbe : Forme de la symphyse mandibulaire des équidés et des tapiridés
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A tentative interpretation of Vallesian Turolian, and Plio-Pleistocene Hipparion. diets is based on the proportions af the mandibular symphysis in 47 tapirs, 47 Hipparion, and 46 Equus. Modern Equus (grazers) and tapirs (browsers) differ by the shape of the mandibular Vallesian Hipparion (Turkey, Moldova, Algeria) and most Turolian Hipparion (Spain. Moldova, Georgia) have proportions akin to the modern tapirs. Some Turolian Hipparion (Samos and Saloniki) have the proportions of grazers. Both types ofsymphyses are found during the Pliocene and Pleistocene of Africa, Europe, and Asia There is no clear association with the enamel pattern of the lower cheek teeth. nor with the shape of the lower incisors. The existence of various mosaic associations of characters in various species precludes any reliable extrapolation from a single character to a specific determination.