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Wack, R. F.;Jones, A. A.
Suspected neonatal isoerythrolysis in two Baird's tapirs (Tapirus bairdii)
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine
Journal Article
neonatal isoerythrolysis hemolytic anemia tapir tapirus bairdii blood groups Tapir Bibliography
Two Baird's tapir (Tapirus bairdii) calves born at the Columbus Zoo from the same sire and dam developed hemolytic anemia that was consistent in history and clinical signs with neonatal isoerythrolysis (NI). One calf developed severe, fatal hemolytic anemia after being fed maternal colostrum, and the other developed moderate hemolytic anemia after being fed equine colostrum. No cross-reactivity was demonstrated between sire and dam blood samples, and both tapirs possessed serum antibodies reactive against equine blood group Ca and antigens reactive with several equine blood group D antibodies. Electrophoresis demonstrated significant genetic diversity between tapir and equine blood proteins. Agglutination testing demonstrated strong reactivity between a far greater percentage of equine colostrum samples when tested against sire and dam tapir blood (61% and 65%, respectively) than would be expected for equine blood (2%). These data are suggestive of a diagnosis of NI but are not definitive. Further study is required to determine whether NI occurs in tapirs and whether equine colostrum is harmful to tapir calves.
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