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Vaughan, C.;Weis, K.
Neotropical dry forest wildlife water hole use and management
Revista De Biologia Tropical
Journal Article
costa rica dry season management neotropical dry forest water holes wildlife population Tapir Bibliography
Selected wildlife species diurnal use of a natural water hole (QD) and an artificial water hole (AW) were studied during 1990 dry season at Guanacaste Conservation Area, Costa Rica. In total, 919 individuals (six mammal and one game bird species) consumed water from QD, while 713 individuals (four mammal species) consumed water from AW. Estimated daily water consumption by selected wildlife species was 29.7 l at QD and 27.3 l at AW. Estimated 24-h water consumed by all wildlife species or evaporated was 44.6 l at QD and 41.1 l at AW. This resulted from summing: a) water consumed by studied species, b) estimated 24-hour water consumed by other wildlife (QD = 14.85 l, AW = 13.65 l) and c) daily water evaporation (QD = 0.04 l, AW = 0.10 l). During a 120-day dry season, AW required about 4 932 l of water from the park administration. Management implications for neotropical dry forest water holes are discussed.
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