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Trolle, M.
Mammal survey in the southeastern Pantanal, Brazil
Biodiversity and Conservation
Journal Article
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The Pantanal floodplain of southwestern Brazil, with its mosaic of marshes, seasonally flooded savannas, woodlands and forests, is known as one of the wildlife hotspots of South America. The region harbors a rich mammal fauna and is a stronghold for a number of mammal species; however, still very few thorough mammal surveys have been conducted in the Pantanal. This is the first mammal survey from the southeastern part of the region. An intensive, three-month study of the medium to large, non-volant species was conducted at a location in the upper Rio Negro Basin, Aquidauana region, Mato Grosso do Sul. Thirty species of mammals were recorded, including 5 xenarthrans, 1 primate, 10 carnivores, 7 ungulates and 5 caviomorph rodents. It was possible to analyze the field biology of many of the species to a level not previously published for the Pantanal. Recommendations are given for camera trapping in the Pantanal and the Amazon. Finally, the effects of intensive cattle ranching on conservation in the Pantanal are discussed.
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