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Pollock, C. G.;Ramsay, E. C.
Serial immobilization of a Brazilian tapir (Tapirus terrestrus) with oral detomidine and oral carfentanil
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine
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tapir Tapirus terrestrus transmucosal anesthesia detomidine carfentanil Tapir Bibliography
Detomidine (0.17 +/- 0.03 mg/kg, p.o.) followed in 20 min by carfentanil (7.88 +/- 1.85 mug/kg, p.o.) reliably restrained an adult Brazilian tapir (Tapirus terrestrus) eight times for short medical procedures. Detomidine caused head droop, sawhorse stance, ataxia or head pressing (or both). Sternal or lateral recumbency was reached within 10.75 +/- 7.6 min of carfentanil administration. Recoveries after i.v. and s.c. administration of yohimbine and naltrexone were smooth and rapid, with the tapir standing within 2-5 min.
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