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Holbrook, L. T.;Lucas, S. G.;Emry, R. J.
Skulls of the eocene perissodactyls (Mammalia) Homogalax and Isectolophus
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology
Journal Article
early tertiary systematics ceratomorph osteology evolution equids Tapir Bibliography
We describe skulls of the Wasatchian perissodactyl Homogalax and the Bridgerian-Uintan perissodactyl Isectolophus from North America for the first time. These skulls provide information on cranial evolution in tapiromorph perissodactyls as well as on primitive character states for Perissodactyla as a whole. They confirm the retention of a primitive rostrum in these taxa, as Radinsky had previously stated without reference to particular specimens. Characters from skull morphology suggest that Homogalax and Isectolophus should not be included in the same family.
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