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Haukisalmi, V.
Redescription of Anoplocephaloides indicata (Sawada et Papasarathorn, 1966) comb. nov (Cestoda, Anoplocephalidae) from Tapirus indicus
Acta Parasitologica
Journal Article
cestoda anoplocephalidae anoplocephaloides flabelloskrjabinia tapirs Tapir Bibliography
This study includes a redescription of Anoplocephaloides indicata (Sawada et Papasarathorn, 1966) comb. nov. (Cestoda, Anoplocephalidae) based on museum material from the South-East Asian Tapirus indicus, comparison with Flabelloskrjabinia tapirus (Chin, 1938) from the South American Tapirus terrestris, as well as comments on the genus Flabelloskrjabinia Spasskii, 1951. The present analysis suggests that A. indicata and F tapirus are independent, species parasitizing T. indicus and T. terrestris, respectively, distinguished primarily by the size and morphology of the scolex and distribution of testes. However, new material from T. terrestris is needed for the evaluation of the generic status of anoplocephalid cestodes from tapirs.
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