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Gómez, H.;Wallace, R. B.;Ayala, G.;Tejada, R.
Dry season activity periods of some Amazonian mammals
Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment
Journal Article
activity hours activity periods camera trapping amazonian mammals madidi bolivia rain-forest densities ecology Tapir Bibliography
Camera trapping efforts at three adjacent sites in Madidi National Park and Natural Area of Integrated Management, Bolivia, revealed dry season activity periods for 15 species of Neotropical forest dwelling mammal. Nasua was strictly diurnal, Atelocynus, Dasyprocta, Pecati and Tayassu mostly diurnal, Eira, Hydrochaeris, Mazama, Panthera and Puma cathemeral, Leopardus, Procyon and Tapirus mostly nocturnal, and Cuniculus and Sylvilagus strictly nocturnal. In general, these results support previous natural history knowledge regarding these mammals in humid forests. The importance of considering activity periods when designing field survey and census methods is highlighted.
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